Branding / Editorial

Our Story

Knitatude was born in January of 2012 out of a love of learning how to knit but never came into fruition until April 2013.  It started with the search of that ever eluding infinity scarf, to the picking up a set of needles, a hell of a lot of swearing and a very large bunch of supportive friends. Knitting began as a hobby and has now become what you see here today: Beautiful knits and a sassy chick with ever-changing hair.

Style & Quality

This here ain’t no sissy scarf. The feeling behind Knitatude is that the bigger the better and we shove that in our products. Is it soft? Is it plushy? Is it big? Will it absorb our whole body into it? If the answer is yes, then it’s a go. All these thoughts are implemented in each knit making it a staple and a statement in your wardrobe.

We love working with the softest wool blends we can get our hands on so you can expect the cushiest and cosiest of scarves, headbands, toques and blankets from us.

100% Handmade

Knitatude knits are all made by hand. Whether at 1 in the afternoon or well past midnight each stitch has been hand wrapped, pulled and loved to create the piece of knitwear you are looking at.

The patterns and styles of the knits that you see have been handcrafted and created by the owner Chantal – meaning your knit is unlike any other. You’re a unicorn, not a horse and we want you to show it!