Rhinestone Affair

Event / Performance (NSFW)

I had a great time attending and photographing this fundraising event. The girls were insanely talented and I loved every minute of it. Not to mention the crowd!

The Rhinestone Affair Burlesque Entertainment is a collective of fabulous, fearless (and just a wee bit scandalous) burlesque performers. Together, our troupe has over 20 years of performance experience with talents and skills that run the gamut from dancing, to acting, to choreography, to comedy and all the way back again. We appreciate all forms of artistic expression and feel strongly that each person brings a new kind of burlesque to the table.

The ladies of The Rhinestone Affair Burlesque think variety is the sugar AND spice of life and the diversity you will experience when we perform is unmistakable. Each performer draws their inspirations from their own life experiences and passions. Our numbers range from classic bump and grind to neo burlesque and everything in between. Each performer revels in their own character, their own flair, and their own special ambiance they bring to the stage. While every dancer has her own signature style, her own thoughts on burlesque, her own reasons for doing the dance that she loves, we ALL strive to keep the spirit of the burlesque stage alive. We strive to emulate the examples given to us by the likes of Tempest Storm, Dixie Evans, Lily St. Cyr, and Bettie Page, alive and high kicking.

Our lovely ladies have performed all over western Canada and have toured Europe. We continue to explore, experiment and create new and exciting ways to express ourselves through the ever-evolving medium that is burlesque. We welcome you to our world and look forward to showing you the latest and greatest we have to show. Welcome to The Rhinestone Affair Burlesque.